Modern Glow Barbie Vyölaukku

€ 34,95


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Takuu Rajoitettu 2 vuoden maailmanlaajuinen takuu
Model Vyölaukku
Väri Shimmer Power Barbie
Materiaali 95% Polyester + 5% Nailon
Mitat 10 x 25 x 15 cm
Määrä 2 L
Paino 0.1 kg
SKU 125833-8206


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Kategoria Pehmeä matkalaukku
Vetoketjut Vakiomalliset vetoketjut
Iso osasto Kyllä
Avaimenperä Key ring attachment
Modern Glow Barbie
  • Urban look & feel, with a trendy, large holographic Barbie logo
  • Soft webbing straps and rubber branded logo labels on all bags
  • Trendy, lined, monochrome Barbie logo interior lining
  • Lightweight and pliable bags
  • Cross ribbons, zipped divider and apron pocket in all suitcases


Calling all Barbie girls, a new generation of modern females not letting anything get in their way! Our American Tourister x Barbie collection is for empowered women on the go, who take travelling in style seriously, but don’t like to play by the rules. Take a step back to admire our stylish holographic Barbie logo bags trimmed with sleek black webbing and our shiny WaveBreaker Barbie suitcase with a dotted, iridescent Barbie logo. Our Barbie collection has what it takes to flaunt that bold Barbie look!